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SD Fund

Université Laval’s Sustainable Development Fund supports innovative projects and actions on campus. It is one of the biggest sustainable development funds in the Québec university network.

Project criteria

• Compliance with and relevance with respect to the University’s Sustainable Development Policy(PDF, available in French only)

Impact on the promotion and reinforcement of sustainable development at the University and the number and type of people directly or indirectly affected by the project

The project’s history, operational feasibility, organizational plan, timeline, sustainability, team of promoters, durability, and long-term benefits.

The faculty, departmental, institutional, or external support (partnerships) obtained; project funding plan in place.

Projects not eligible for financial support

Research activities and projects, unless they can be shown to have a direct and significant impact on advancing sustainable development in everyday campus operations

Training activities (internship, seminar, symposium, international mobility project, coursework, or any other similar activities)