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Joint training programs

Did you know you can maintain ties with your home university while working to obtain a master's degree or PhD from Université Laval? Find out how with our joint-degree and PhD thesis co-supervision programs. Please note that links in this section are in French only.

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Joint-degree programs

Joint-degree programs developed with some of our partner universities allow you to complete part of your studies at Université Laval and obtain two degrees once your program is complete. A joint-degree program enhances your employability and enriches your academic experience.

Partner universities

Select Programme de mobilité > Bilatéral-Bidiplôme in MoveON for a list of partner universities.

Thesis co-supervision

The goal of the co-supervision program is to develop international scientific cooperation by facilitating PhD student mobility and allowing PhD candidates to conduct their research under the joint responsibility of a two supervisors, one in Québec and one at a partner institution oversees.

Partner universities

Select Type d’entente > Cotutelle in MoveON for a list of partner universities.

Note that co-supervision arrangements can be made with all universities in France without an additional agreement being signed, even if the institution is not listed in MoveOn.