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You can apply for admission as a non-degree student to register for classes without entering a specific program.

Non-degree studies offer the flexibility to achieve certain academic goals, allowing you to:

  • Take courses without entering a program
  • Earn credits before being admitted to a program
  • Identify your educational needs
  • Develop your cultural knowledge
  • Acquire additional professional training


Registrar’s Office
Pavillon Jean-Charles-Bonenfant, Room 2440
418-656-2131 ext. 406995
1-877-785-2825 (toll free)
Meeting with an academic advisor by appointment only.

Course registration

As a non-degree student or degree-seeking student, you can register for a course under regular status or auditor status.

Regular status: If you register for a course under regular status, you have to submit assignments and take exams. This means your learning will be assessed. Credits you earn may be used toward a degree when you are admitted into a regular program.

Auditor status: If you register for a course under auditor status, you can take the course, but you cannot have your learning assessed (assignments and exams are not marked). Because of this, you will not earn credits for the course. To register for a course as an auditor, you must get written approval from the individual responsible for the course and send it to your program director right at the start of the semester. Tuition fees for auditing a course are the same as the fees for registering under regular status.

Special conditions

  • You may not be registered in non-degree studies and a study program at the same time.
  • As a non-degree student you may not take more than 15 credits of courses that count toward a degree program.
  • Not all Université Laval courses are available to non-degree students because registration restrictions may apply (some courses are reserved for specific groups of students, others require you to successfully complete a prerequisite, etc.). Full details are available in the course description online.
  • You cannot improve your Laval score by taking classes as a non-degree student to apply for admission in a limited enrolment program.
  • You can take courses as a non-degree student through distance learning. Just follow any registration restrictions and choose courses that are offered through distance learning.
  • International applicants living in Canada are eligible for non-degree studies for a period not to exceed 12 months. The permissions required from Québec and Canadian immigration authorities for you to study may differ depending on your home country and length of stay in Canada. Note that it may be difficult to obtain the necessary documents to enter and stay in Canada as a non-degree student, as non-degree programs do not have a predetermined length.
  • International applicants taking distance learning courses outside Canada are eligible for non-degree studies. No Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), study permit, or proof of insurance is required.

Questions about admission?

Registrar's Office
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